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Tess, FL

Taking a class from Maddie is like giving yourself a huge spirit boost. She is a gifted instructor who sees you and knows you are perfect the way you are!

Dance. Flow. Move.

Madeline Fritz is the girl behind it all. She aims to stimulate the mind, challenge the body and help you tap into your inner dancer. Her classes are engaging, effective, and designed for both those who seek to be a part of a movement community and are looking for the perfect form of exercise. Come dance and move with Madeline to explore a new world of motion and get to know yourself in a whole new way!

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Latest Update!













Hello love! I am so happy you have made it to my website!

Our dance community is growing and we welcome you to come join in on all of the movement magic! 


Dance is such an important outlet to move your body and release 

built up emotion and tension. It is through movement and moving together that we can truly shift our vibration and connect with ourselves and others in such unique and uplifting ways!

From dance fitness fun, to slow flow movement to silent disco goodness - 

You can find it all here!

Where do you sign up?! - You're in the right place ;)

Click Here for 2 Complimentary Online Classes!

Come see what all the hype is about!

          Current schedule below:             

               Wednesday 7:00-8:00p at Fabulous Feet Dance Center (studio 1)


begins on 6/12/23

Fabulous Feet Dance Center

1967 NE Dixie Highway - Jensen Beach/Rio FL

*Please note that this is a children's dance studio that I am renting out.

There will be small adorable children running around. So when you think you're in the wrong place, you have actually found it :)



First class at Fabulous Feet is FREE

Newbies :: Please use code LETSDANCE at checkout

$20 Drop in regular rate - 5 Class cards available!


We ask this for the safety of the children in the studio, thank you kindly!


If you are not already, please follow @mf_motion if you are on instagram 

Love and light to you! SO looking forward to dancing together!!

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“Don't you know yet? It is your light that lights the world.”


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